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With most other “screening attachments”, as soon as the material is scooped, it will spill through the bucket. The FlipScreen’s base is similar to that of a standard bucket which is watertight, enabling the operator to drive around the site with a full load without spilling.

The operator simply unlatches the load binders on the mesh, re-enters the carrier machine, and upon activating the hydraulics, the old mesh is released. The operator then moves the bucket to the new mesh, and on operating the hydraulics, the new screen is rotated onto the bucket, which can then be secured. Most other screening buckets require a workshop visit to unbolt, realign and bolt on new cages or perforated plates. Some require several hours and extensive instruction and skill to replace expensive shaft arrangements.

FlipScreens are built using durable, high-grade seals enabling them to screen underwater, transforming it from a screener into a mobile wash plant.

FlipScreens are screening harsh materials such as concrete with reinforced steel in over 42 different countries around the world, 24 hours a day. FlipScreens can do this due to the extremely strong and robust build. Using high tensile steel and a revolutionary action that enables reinforced steel to remain within the confines of the bucket. Other screening attachments struggle to achieve this and those buckets with internal moving shafts find the entanglement of reinforced steel catastrophic.

Around the world, FlipScreens are being used to clear landmines and have successfully cleared thousands of landmines and unexploded ordnance (UXO) with a 100% demining rate.

Compared to any other screening attachments on the market, FlipScreen has the largest screening surface area of its class, which explains the high volume screening rates. For example, a WL180 wheel loader screening bucket has a screen surface area of 73.2 square feet (6.8 square meters). Every 2.5 seconds, the material is inverted and then travels the whole area of the mesh.

The FlipScreen can break into the unexcavated ground. Some other screener buckets, if care isn’t taken while scooping, can structurally damage the attachment or distort the inner barrel. This could be put down to operator error but is, in fact, the result of poor design. This saves time as there is no need to take off the attachment and use rippers and standard buckets to stockpile the material separately.

After the first 7.5 seconds of 2.5-second rotations of screening, the unique, patented action of the FlipScreen lifts material as it is being screened then flips it onto the rear mesh. This also enables the operator to break up material if required or simply tip the remaining lumps before breaking them up. Other screening attachments are either excellent at rock breaking and very little else, or in the case of “washing machine” types, cannot break up material.

FlipScreens have replaced hundreds of so-called portable screening plants all over the world in the scrap industry as this type of application is simply impossible to achieve with a standard portable screening plant. FlipScreens have excelled in this harsh environment and have screened out engine blocks, ship anchors, crusher plates and anything that can be scooped up.

The standard mesh range for FlipScreens starts at a 6.3mm aperture and goes all the way up to 150mm aperture (1/4″ to 6″). Custom meshes can also be designed on demand for particular applications.

The FlipScreen’s inward spiraling action means that it can easily be converted into a concrete mixer by way of a FlipScreen mixing plate. This replaces the mesh and transforms the bucket into a mixer.

 The FlipScreen’s revolutionary, “plug and play” smart valve enables the attachment to be switched between carriers without the need for hydraulic alterations to the carrier machine. This saves time and costs for a hydraulic technician to set up each carrier machine. In many cases, it enables the FlipScreen to take “incorrect” pressures and flows while maintaining the correct speed and action without any negative effects on the FlipScreen or carrier machine. The result is ramping up to the correct speed and torque and ramping down smoothly to zero, all controlled by the valve.

FlipScreen has created 26 models of FlipScreen to ensure that each carrier/FlipScreen combination is within safe working tolerance and does not overload the carrier. Care should be taken not to use attachments that have an unrealistic carrier weight range as these will inevitably cause dangerous overloading. Be sure to add the weight of the attachment and the load capacity multiplied by the relative weight of the material to ensure that you are not endangering your operator.

Other than the mini FlipScreens, all units come with a reversible, bolt-on cutting edge. This means that new cutting edges can be fitted in the field without needing to cut out the cutting edge and weld in a new one. Most screening buckets do not have this feature. This feature is needed as the durable FlipScreens have a long operating life and find themselves as an integral processor in industries rather than a temporary, light-duty solution.

Flip Screen offers the biggest range of carrier options to closely replicate the standard bucket found on each type of carrier. This allows for the FlipScreen to be used for standard functions in addition to screening. When using a FlipScreen on an excavator, the attachment feels much like a standard bucket. When used on Loaders, it not only feels like a standard bucket, the operator can see through to the cutting edge. The FlipScreen’s base is similar to that of a standard bucket which is watertight, enabling the operator to drive around the site with a full load without spilling.

The inside of the FlipScreen is empty, relying purely on the external shape to carry out its functions. The rule of thumb is that if you can scoop it up, you can FlipScreen it. Some screening attachments have multiple moving internal parts, producing a high wearing environment and prone to fouling, jamming and tangling of material such as wire and string which are commonly found in waste.

FlipScreen is outstanding as a blender, whether it be with a normal mesh or with the mixing plate attached. The unique, flipping action ensures that material is combined thoroughly. Other screening attachments don’t report to be mixers.

The FlipScreen can be used to load trucks whether screening directly into the truck, or scooping and dumping like a standard bucket. The FlipScreen still has a normal crowd function of a standard bucket. Other screening attachments are not suited for this as they inherently start to spill as soon as the material is scooped ruling them out as a loading bucket.

The FlipScreen can be used to load trucks whether screening directly into the truck, or scooping and dumping like a standard bucket. The FlipScreen still has a normal crowd function of a standard bucket. Other screening attachments are not suited for this as they inherently start to spill as soon as the material is scooped ruling them out as a loading bucket.

FlipScreen is a patented innovation like no other screening solution in the market. The FlipScreen has won many industry innovation awards due to its unique design. All FlipScreen design and manufacturing are carried out by Flip Screen Australia to a very high standard. Other screening attachments have many manufacturers/copies, many of which are poorly fabricated in third world countries.


Direct Drive

• It is quieter to operate with internal hopper liners and hydraulic cylinder actuated ratchets. For use in built up areas.
• Bolt-on hitch.
• More powerful drives capable of 23200 Nm verses 9750Nm in current machines.
• Direct drive creates even smoother action.
• Integrated braking system.
• More steel where it is needed and less where not needed.
• No service/ no greasing daily
• Service period 1500 hours (oil change in final drive)
• No chains to service 
• Stainless steel bearings requiring no service
• The machine is lighter
• The hitch is closer to the cutting edge, making it more compact to operate

Smart Valve Technology

Flip Screen Smart Valve technology allows for any hydraulic flow and pressure without modification of the loader or excavator. This has been designed by Flip Screens R&D team and is a revolution in hydraulic attachments.

Under 2-minute screen change

Not only is our screening surface area the largest of its class but you can change screen size on-site, with no tools and using only 1 operator in under 2 minutes. Mesh sizes vary from smaller than 6.3mm to larger than 150mm.


FlipScreen is limitless in terms of material and industry. From Corrosive materials to landmines, to digging fresh ground and working underwater. If you can scoop it, you can Flip Screen it!


"This thing works great! The big advantage I'm seeing is you only have to handle the material one time. You can screen right where it needs to be. And they sell different size screens for it too. The brush keeps the screen clean and from clogging up, and since its not a vibratory machine, its not shaking itself apart the whole time. You can also screen directly into a truck, dirt in one and your rock into another or wherever you need it."
Andrew Camarata
"It's faster than the stationery vibrator we used in the past. It's a one man operation. We got a lot more materials out. In 2 weeks we've recovered over 300 ton of our product. I'm very pleased with it & would recommend it to anybody!"
Scott Broughton
Shredder Supervisor, PSC Metals, Inc -Columbus, OH
"As you can see with the demonstration, the FlipScreen saves the rock from going to waste. We have been very happy with Flipscreen USA, luckily we didn't need any support, but they answered any questions and technical information needed. We are very pleased with FlipScreen and you will be too"
Denham Springs Louisiana, USA Concrete, Recycling, Excavator

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