New Direct Drive Models!

Traditionally screening attachments have been manufactured with heavy duty chain drive in oil baths. Now we are building them with a direct drive planetary straight onto the rotating buckets. 

Direct Drive

Benefits of Direct Drive

• It is quieter to operate with internal hopper liners and hydraulic cylinder actuated ratchets. For use in built up areas.
• Bolt-on hitch.
• More powerful drives capable of 23200 Nm verses 9750Nm in current machines.
• Direct drive creates even smoother action.
• Integrated braking system.
• More steel where it is needed and less where not needed.
• No service/ no greasing daily
• Service period 1500 hours (oil change in final drive)
• No chains to service
• Stainless steel bearings requiring no service
• The machine is lighter
• The hitch is closer to the cutting edge, making it more compact to operate

Latest Direct Drive Models


  • Excavator: 17.5 – 25 tonne
  • Load Capacity: 0.85 m³
  • Width: 1751 mm
  • Weight: 1410 kg
  • Volume: 2.55 m³

EX145 DD

  • Excavator: 27 – 35 tonne
  • Load Capacity: 1.45 m³
  • Width: 2320 mm
  • Weight: 2010 kg
  • Volume: 4.35 m³

Coming Soon is the WL185 DD... Orders already taken!

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