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flipscreen construction screening


Robust enough for any job!

Flipscreens of all sizes are used within the construction industry for material separation, from large area excavations through to tight access situations. Flipscreens being a robust and compact attachment can be used on-site to screen many thousands of tonnes of material which can be shipped off-site at a lower cost or can remain on-site as recycled, reusable product.

Multiple sizing can be achieved to create various grades such as Gabien Rock, Road Base, Trench Backfill and Cleanfill. This is easily achieved by changing meshes, a process taking less than 5 minutes without the need for tools or heavy lifting.

Flipscreen screener buckets are replacing shaker buckets and increasing productivity while dramatically reducing carrier machine damage. Great cost savings can be achieved in all of these situations through the use of the revolutionary Flipscreen screening bucket.

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