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Any material or load!

In an industry which has become increasingly focused on recycling, the Flipscreen demolition screening bucket presents a robust and compact solution to material separation. Built from High Tensile steel and designed for abuse, the Flipscreen can screen any demolition material that can be scooped up, such as concrete, steel and rubble.

Huge savings can be made by the separation of materials such as concrete, hard core materials and dirt. Once these materials have been separated the cost of dumping and cartage is massively reduced. The Flipscreen attachment also enables screening to take place in restricted and tight areas, where conventional screening plants are not viable due to cost and space constraints.

Flipscreens success in the demolition industry is due to the revolutionary open barrel with no internal moving parts, enabling harsh materials such as rebar and large concrete slabs to rotate inside the drum and exit without fouling.

Have you ever seen a FlipScreen in action? Watch a few videos, from any industry, and you will see that not only are they incredibly strong, but without all the internal parts, they will last you a life time. You only need one operator on site to screen effectively, and it would take that one operator less than 2 minutes to change the screen size. Further more, due to the design, the FlipScreen has the largest screening area in its class! Every time the mesh rotates, the material is put over this large mesh area, inverted and sent back over again. This will happen 4 times in 10 seconds! This is why the FlipScreen has such high production rates.

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