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Fertscreen Loader Bucket


7.7 heaped cubic yards of fertilizer screened in 45 seconds(per cycle)!

Modern fertilizer spreading, conventional combine sowing and air seeders require fertilizer to be in it’s original prilled state, if there are lumps caused by moisture in the fertilizer mix, this creates large problems for farm machinery. Large Flipscreen screening buckets are used at transfer points to rapidly screen out these imperfections giving customers a perfect sample of this valuable commodity.

The WL500 Fertscreen screener bucket screens 7.7 heaped cubic yards of fertilizer in less than one minute! FertScreen buckets can also be used to screen and load directly into trucks, eliminating double handling.

Materials such as lime, gypsym and phosphate rock can also be screened rapidly as part of the bulk handling or transfer process, or to clean up fouled stock piles. Special stainless steal meshes are provided for particularly corrosive applications.

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