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Create a clean slate with maximum debris out at low vegetation cost!

Save heaps on Tipping fees! Repurpose native soil!

Flipscreen screening buckets are indispensable tools extensively utilized within the diverse sectors of the Landscaping Industry. Landscape contractors routinely rely on these buckets during site operations such as sod or turf removal. This effective method enables the separation of topsoil and minimizes vegetation displacement.

In addition to soil screening, Flipscreen buckets facilitate the effortless clearance of site debris, including sticks, stumps, and other extraneous material. This ensures a pristine and uncluttered work environment. The versatility of these buckets is further underscored by the quick and tool-less mesh swapping capability, allowing operators to achieve varying grades of gravel and Gabion rocks within a mere five minutes.

Furthermore, Flipscreen screening attachments also prove beneficial in landscape supply yards. They are instrumental in processing incoming soil into marketable products and transforming decomposed green waste into valuable compost among other applications. Thus, they are a critical component for streamlined operations in the landscaping industry.

Case Study


"I am not certain that “Flipscreen” should be categorized as an equipment purchase using an unknown payback schedule as criteria. Rather I suggest that your prospective buyers consider creating a new profit center for their business; one which repays itself in several very significant ways."
Land Art
Paul Jones

I wish to share an insightful experience that transformed my landscape operations and proved to be a remarkably profitable venture. Upon announcing my decision to invest in the S45 Flipscreen, some of my associates responded with skepticism. Unfazed by the critique, I plunged into the process of composting and screening richly organic soil. This venture has become the most lucrative component of our business, reaping unprecedented profit margins.

Here’s how the Flipscreen revolutionized our operations:

  1. Diminished Dumping/Hauling Costs: The Flipscreen has drastically reduced our expenditure on dumping and hauling.

  2. High-Profit Composting: Our composting venture has become the highest single profit-margin component of our annual sales.

  3. Quality Soils for Enhanced Growth: The high-organic soils we produce have significantly improved our grass seed and plant growth.

  4. Attractive Retail Offering: The high-quality, freshly screed compost has turned into a strong retail magnet, attracting customers with its competitive pricing.

  5. Labor Cost Reduction: We’ve observed substantial labor savings by using freshly screed, non-compacted topsoil in seeded areas.

  6. Eco-Friendly Branding: The Flipscreen has added an environmentally-friendly facet to our brand image.

  7. Competitive Pricing: With the Flipscreen, our cost competitiveness has improved drastically.

“In the complex landscape of large job sites, Flipscreen is a game-changing solution that dramatically reduces costs by separating debris from organics. It has enabled effective recycling of materials that would otherwise be discarded, covering the expenses for land, equipment, and labor, and boosting our annual sales and net profit significantly.

Flipscreen, valued for its superior separation ability, has added value to our composting process, allowing for the addition of sand, the priciest component in composting, to our organic piles. The remaining aggregates are efficiently used for various purposes, from land filling to road building.

Our innovative blend of sand and organics, including grass, wood chips, and plant matter, has resulted in a soil with a 20%-25% organic content that outperforms anything we’ve used in over three decades. Flipscreen’s operating efficiency makes it a worthy investment that pays for itself within five years and has a potential lifespan of up to twenty years.

Following two years of successful operation with minimal maintenance, Flipscreen has proven to be a reliable and long-lasting solution. It’s more than just a piece of equipment; it’s a profit center and a catalyst for change in the landscaping industry. I wholeheartedly recommend Flipscreen to any landscaping operation aiming for increased profitability.”

  • Paul Jones, Landart, Wisconsin

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