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Remove anti-personnel mines and buried unexploded ordinance!

Many military organisations around the world are using Flip Screen screener buckets to remove anti-personnel mines and buried unexploded ordinance. A FlipScreen screening bucket is an attachment for excavators, wheel loaders and skid steers. The FlipScreen’s contained design allows the operator to safely screen landmines from dirt for disposal. The durable FlipScreen buckets have cleared thousands of anti personnel landmines without any damage from detonations.

One of our standard WL180 FlipScreen screening buckets has had the center bucket section destroyed twice by anti tank mines, and each time it has only required the unscrewing of 16 bolts to allow for the replacement of the centre bucket section. The drives, hydraulics and frame are still going strong without sustaining damage or requiring repairs.

In the jungles and deserts of Chile, the FlipScreen is being used for demining and landmine clearance. The FlipScreen’s tough design and high efficiency makes it ideal for deployment and bomb disposal.

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