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With one carrier machine the quarry is operational!

In quarries there are many applications for Flipscreen screening buckets; Screening aggregates, pre screening prior to crushing, replacement of Grizzlys with Flipscreens and small spot screening just to name a few. Screening aggregates at 200 to 300 tons per hour exceeds the screening rates of most portable screening plants. In the case of large sizings, the Flipscreen is even faster than these cumbersome conventional plants. Many Quarry operators use Flipscreens to increase cash flow without having to outlay large sums of money on portable screening plant. With one carrier machine the quarry is operational.

In the case of feeding crushing plants, utilizing the Flipscreen screening bucket enables material to be screened prior to crushing and the oversize fed directly into the crushing plant, all in the one operation. This reduces wear and tear on the crusher while increasing efficiency on the operation. When used in place of a grizzly, the amount of time taken cleaning grizzly’s reduces to zero. Cleaning grizzly’s not only costs time but also dramatically slows momentum in production, and has other knock on effects such as lowering moral on site. 

Small spot screening can range from decontaminating spillages in large quarry operations through to using a Flipscreen attached to a loader travelling around quarries creates a truly mobile screening plant.  

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