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Transform ballast into a valuable resource!

One of the major challenges for railways around the word is fouled ballast, where ballast is contaminated with “fines” such as soil, dust, coal dust, and broken undersize rock caused by weak ballast material breaking up or over tamping.

The Flipscreen screening bucket is used by many railways to de-foul ballast by scooping fouled ballast off the shoulder and screening it over the toe line into perfectly sized recovered ballast that can be put straight back onto the shoulder. 

Flipscreen screener buckets are used by many subcontractors and are owned and used by companies such as ARTC in Australia and Union Pacific in the USA. These Flipscreen screening attachments have saved millions of dollars on not only track shoulder work but also in the reclaiming of ballast which has been graded to the side over many decades. This reclaimed ballast has previously been a liability but is now being transformed into a valuable resource for these railroad companies. 

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