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A Flipscreen bucket was made to recycle!

Recycling is what Flipscreen screening buckets are all about. Whether it’s removing dirt from rubble, or iron from casting sand the flipscreen will do it well and fast. The fact that the Flipscreen screener buckets have no internal moving parts means that if you can scoop it up, you can screen it. Where multiple sizings are required the screen meshes can be changed in less than five minutes to any size with no tools required.

Flipscreen screening buckets can be found as a key player in applications such as waste transfer stations or dump sites. The Flipscreen screeners will remove clean soils from rubble, allowing for the sale of the soil and the reuse of crushable concrete and rock. Flipscreen screen buckets are also found removing the soil content at dump sites saving the valuable air space of the land fill. The great space savings allow small to medium waste companies to sort their skip bin loads to be sent to cheaper dumps all within an extremely small work area. This allows these operators to save many thousands of dollars per day and helps them compete against the mega waste companies. 

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