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Scrap Metal

Turn your trash into cash!

Screen your Shrinkage, Reclaim your Yard Today with a Flip Screen!
The Flip Screen screening bucket is great at sorting scrap metal from dirt piles, any material of any size, from shredder fluff or nuts and bolts to engine blocks and ship anchors, can be scooped and screened without damaging the Flip Screen. Flip Screen is the best screening attachment in the world for screening metal and shredder fluff from dirt in the scrap metal industry. Turn your trash into cash!

I paid for my E80 in two days” – Trevor Munro from Metalcorp NZ

Sorting scrap metal is one of the biggest success stories for the Flipscreen screening attachment.

Flipscreen screening buckets are used in scrap for cleaning up dirt piles or stockpiles of shredder fluff, producing clean dirt which is screened and therefore which can be used as capping on land fills or sold as clean fill, but the best part of this process is that the Flipscreens find the shrinkage which is hiding in the dirt. This reclaimed shrinkage contains sometimes millions of dollars worth of ferrous and non ferrous metals which are hiding in these previously discarded stock piles. Old scrap yards represent a mining opportunity for the Flip Screen screening bucket owner who can dig up and process scrap from many decades ago when many of the valuable metals were not as sought after as they are today. This sees the modern yard owner benefitting from the inability of his predecessor to screen out these valuable commodities while avoiding costly EPA clean up and removal fees.


"In 3 hours of Flipscreening we generated 30 ton of mixed metals with a value of $7500, that otherwise would have ended up in the landfill."
Mike Federici
Owner - Milano Metals & Recycling

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