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Any material which can be scooped up can be screened with the Flipscreen soil screener bucket. In the case of dirt, whether the material be sand, loam, or clay – if it can be passed through a screen mesh the Flipscreen screener bucket will successfully size it. FlipScreen provides a patented soil screener that is unmatched in quality and performance. 

Grass and vegetation are easily separated along with rocks and other contaminants. What starts off as piles of weed infested dirt can be transformed into valuable top soil. If the material being screened is particularly sticky a purpose built roller brush can be fitted to the Flipscreen.   

Soil Screener Brushes

soil screener brush

Many people worry about screening sticky soil such as clay. Or what happens if they are screening and it starts to rain. Well, Flipscreen has a unique brush that clears the mesh on every rotation. This keeps the mesh clear and the material screening out as you rotate the attachment. We have many customers who screen in areas with very sticky material. And also in places such as the UK where it rains very often. They are all very happy with how the Flipscreen sorts their material in these conditions. 

Soil Screener Mesh sizes

 When purchasing a Flipscreen soil screener, you will have many choices on what size mesh you want. You can screen with a mesh as small as 6 mm or as large as 300 mm. And what is even better, is changing mesh size. You can do this on-site, with one operator, no tools, and in under 5 minutes.

Soil Screener Benefits

Some great benefits of using a Flipscreen are: 


  •  you can screen while you move. This is going to help if you are laying topsoil. 
  •  you can screen into a truck. Fines in one truck, and rocks or whatever leftover material there is into another truck. Or wherever you need the material. 
  •  One carrier machine with a Flipscreen and your site is operational.  
  •  You can dig the fresh ground. 
  •  You can screen corrosive material like fertilizer. 
  •  You can screen underwater. 
  • Unlike with a shaker bucket. You are not shortening the life span of your carrier machine. 

Soil Screener for sale

We offer a large range of soil screeners for sale. No carrier is a problem, from skid steers to loaders and excavators. We even make attachments for tractors. 

You can select your carrier machine by weight and carrier type HERE

Or, simply click your carrier below.

Soil Screening Hazards

With most common soil screeners. People worry about what is in the soil that they don’t know about. Their screener may not be robust enough if there is concrete or steel in the soil. This is not the case with a Flipscreen. Our screeners come from industries such as scrap metal and demolition. This means we have no problem to sort even engine blocks from the soil. With a Flipscreen, you never have to worry about what you are scooping up to screen. 

Soil Screener videos

Soil Screener bucket gallery


"This thing works great! The big advantage I'm seeing is you only have to handle the material one time. You can screen right where it needs to be. And they sell different size screens for it too. The brush keeps the screen clean and from clogging up, and since its not a vibratory machine, its not shaking itself apart the whole time. You can also screen directly into a truck, dirt in one and your rock into another or wherever you need it."
Andrew Camarata

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