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washing rocks


Screen and wash anything in the same cycle!

All large Flipscreen screening buckets are fitted with steel on steel face seals; this means that Flipscreens are so robustly and precisely built that they can be used under water. Any items which require washing such as ornamental stone can be screened and then washed all in the same cycle.

An E130 Flipscreen excavator screening attachment with a full 2 ton load can screen in only 10 inches of water to wash its load with a staggering 130 gallon of water every rotation. While the load is in the screening chamber the water is scooped up by the bucket chamber and then this water is dumped onto the load inside. This process occurs every 2.5 seconds giving magnificent results without the need for massive wash plants. There is no limit to what can be washed in a Flipscreen screen bucket, stone, glass, and even scrap metal for sorting. 

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