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Waste & Recycling

Retain valuable air space while rapidly seperating material!

The Flipscreen is the perfect screening attachment for the waste industry. Separating hardcore materials into recyclable components like concrete and clean fill is quick and simple.

If you can fit it in the bucket you can screen it!

Owners of Flip Screens are efficiently and easily removing dirt, metals, demolition waste, bricks, concrete and other materials to massively reduce their landfill tipping fees and ultimately make their business more profitable.

Some are even creating new revenue streams by selling the clean fill created with the Flip Screen making even more profit from their once-dumped waste!   

The Flipscreen has proven itself to be an invaluable tool for any waste management operation.


Any MAterial

If you can scoop it, you can screen it. The flipscreens design ensures even screening of any material, without any internal moving parts being exposed to that material. Screen everything from Scrap to slag to concrete and fertillizer.

Changeable Screens

Screens range in size from 1/4″ to 12″, with customs sizes made as well. Screens are changed on-site, in under 5 minutes, with one operator and no tools.

Any Carrier

FlipScreen has a model for ANY SIZE CARRIER. From excavators, to skid steers, loaders, telehandlers, backhoes and even tractors.

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