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Increase the value of your wood

Clean firewood and recover valuable topsoil and mulch for resale. 

Smart owners and operators of firewood supply yards have for years been increasing the value of their product and enhancing their reputation as a quality supplier by using Flipscreens to successfully remove sawdust, dirt, bark and mud. This simple process increases their profits and builds a loyal list of valuable customers who come back load after load, year after year. The waste product removed by the Flipscreen can also be a new source of income as the wood chips can be bagged and sold as kindling and the soil and sawdust sold as valuable compost.  

Rapidly separate valuable topsoil from bark and other contaminants.

You will find that up to 20% of your haul is soil and debris, and the remaining 80% is actual quality wood. Screened-out wood waste can be composted or sold as garden mulch.

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