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Compost Screening


Reduce hauling & labour costs!

To avoid the astronomical expense of fixed and portable screening plants, many compost suppliers are moving to the screening plant which fits right on to their loader and excavator.

These high volume Flipscreen screening buckets allow operators to fully utilise their already available machines. Compost can be turned using a large screen mesh to aerate the compost as it breaks down. This screen mesh can then be removed in 5 minutes to allow a finer mesh to be fitted, giving a fully screened compost product.

"I am not certain that “Flipscreen” should be categorized as an equipment purchase using an unknown payback schedule as criteria. Rather I suggest that your prospective buyers consider creating a new profit center for their business; one which repays itself in several very significant ways."
Land Art
Paul Jones

I should mention that when I announced purchasing the S45 Flipscreen, my Brother & operating partner called the Flipscreen idea stupid and solicited two sub contract excavators to laugh along with him. I forged ahead, into composting and screening highly organic soil. A very, very high profit component. The highest profit margin product we sell. But the profit goes up from just the soil sales. In two years I have made fools of the naysayers.

Heres how

  • Reduced dumping/hauling costs
  • Profitable return on a piece of snow removal equipment not otherwise in regular summer use
  • Compost which is our highest single profit margin component of annual sales
  • Enhanced grass seed and plant growth with high organic soils
  • Retail sales magnet (freshly screed, high organic compost at attractive retail pricing).
  • Greatly reduced labor cost when using “freshly” screed topsoil in seed areas. (We are certain that the labor savings equals the soil cost by using fresh not compacted soil).
  • Environmentally friendly addition to our brand
  • Cost competitiveness to our competition
  • On large job sites, where roots and other contaminants are present, Flipscreen can save a fortune by separating debris from organics rather than hauling & replacing.

Paul Jones at Landart in Wisconsin

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